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Teaser from The White Aura:

I concentrated on Livvie’s face. If I didn’t, I could end up anywhere. I heard her voice…and some guy’s. It couldn’t be her dad; this guy was too young. I drifted closer and closer until my spirit was beside her. She was in a car. I glanced at the driver and was shocked to see the Aiden Cavalier character sitting behind the wheel. I guessed he was her date. But it wasn’t his face that shocked me—it was the red glow surrounding his body. He was a sorcerer, too.

The jolt sent my spirit back to my resting form in a flash. I jerked out of the chair and stumbled as I tried to stand. Rising soon after espying was not the best idea, because it took a few minutes for my physical being and spirit to reconnect. I was there, but the full connection hadn’t occurred yet. For a few moments, my body was just moving on its own.

I couldn’t believe this Aiden guy was a sorcerer. And one with a red aura! All sorcerers had a specific color about them, mainly related to their families, that consumed most of their aura. Most had two dominant shades, with the outer color being a golden yellow and the inner being their family color. The Tabors were green. Bad sorcerers had a red ring where the golden yellow would normally be. But Aiden…his whole aura was red. This could only mean he was a truly evil spirit. And he was with my Livvie.

Shaking, I knew I needed to relax again in order to watch her and make sure she was safe. I stood and paced a few times back and forth, then sat back down on the bed, knees quivering, and tried to calm my mind. I laid my head against the pillow and closed my eyes. Breathing deeply through my nose, I willed myself to stop thinking. I had to put all thoughts out. I went through the process again, this time counting to fifty.

My spirit rested beside her in the school courtyard. She and this evil sorcerer were eating breakfast together. Jealousy spiked, making me shake and breathe heavily. Continuing to watch them, I couldn’t figure what he was up to. He was saying stuff not that funny, yet she was laughing. They were talking about a track meet coming up and how he was ready for it. It apparently was the last one of the year, before summer break. He didn’t mention the dance.

I saw in his eyes that he enjoyed looking at Livvie, but I also saw something more. His actions made me believe he knew I was present. Perhaps he sensed the magical surge when I joined. There was an element in the way he stared making me feel uneasy. He kept looking toward where my spirit rested, but didn’t seem to know where exactly I was. Possibly because Livvie was sitting with him and he was distracted with not wanting her to know. He was a red sorcerer and would not do something stupid to let his secret out. I was worried about her safety, but the bell rang for class, to my relief. He wouldn’t do anything with witnesses around. I started to drift back to my corporeal self, knowing I must speak with my family immediately.

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